The Rough Guide to Taiwan

The Rough Guide to Taiwan is the ultimate travel guide to this fascinating island, with clear maps, full Chinese and pinyin translations and detailed coverage of all the top attractions and a host of lesser-visited sights. Discover Taiwan’s highlights with stunning photography and information on everything from the island’s magnificent national parks and tranquil hot spring resorts, to its most lavish temples and the mind-blowing National Palace Museum.

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rough-guide-china-cover-1The Rough Guide to China

The new, fully updated The Rough Guide to China is the definitive guide to this enchanting country, one of the world’s oldest civilisations. From the high-tech cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai to minority villages in Yunnan and Buddhist temples of Tibet, China’s mixture of modernity and ancient traditions never fails to impress. With stunning new photography and all the best places to eat, sleep, party and shop, The Rough Guide to China has everything need to ensure you don’t miss a thing in this fast-changing nation.

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Luoyang: Ancient Capital

Luoyang, China’s ancient capital, studded with ancient remnants from the Xia dynasty (BCE2070-BCE1600) through the glories of the Han and the Tang. Many visitors are drawn here by the artistic treasures of the Longmen Grottoes which are the sublime summit of Chinese rock sculpture. But as the ground zero of Heluo civilization, Luoyang’s treasures go far deeper: imperial tombs, buried palaces, and China’s earliest Buddhist temple. China’s starting point is the perfect place for visitors to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of China.

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Guilin: China’s Masterpiece

Guilin’s karst peaks and the Li River’s jade waters have made it one of China’s essential travel destinations since the Song dynasty. The countryside of Yangshuo County is sublime for hiking and boating, while the limestone hills offer spectacular climbing and caving. Visitors may come for the iconic scenery but the area has much more to offer, including historic river towns, ancient architecture and mountain dwelling ethnic minority peoples like the Zhuang and Yao.

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Dunhuang: A City on the Silk Road

For more than a millennium, Dunhuang on the ancient Silk Road was one of the ancient world’s most important meeting places of East and West. Today Dunhuang is again hosting a growing number of Silk Road explorers attracted by a cultural legacy of global significance. This guide contains rare photos of precious Mogao Buddhist grottos and desert landscape images by an internationally celebrated photographer. The guide also provides notes on Buddhist scripture, art and sutras.

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Hong Kong’s Backyard: Explore the Pearl River Delta

In addition to all the hotel, restaurant, nightlife and shopping directories for the major cities of Guangdong the writers also look beyond the obvious to introduce outdoor activities from horse riding to golf and cycling; largely untouched beaches; and historical and cultural treasures; all just a short MTR, bus or ferry ride from Asia’s Global City, Hong Kong.

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