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winter37 001

winter37 001

I follow the map on my phone as it leads me into the backstreets of Songzhuang Art Colony, the world’s largest art village, located on the eastern fringe of the Beijing municipality. Just when I think I’ve been lured into a labyrinthine trap, the unmistakable bald head of Shanxi-native Luo Dawei (罗大卫) emerges from a doorway and beckons me in from the cold.

“Sorry about the mess, we’re just moving in,” he says as I watch computers and office furniture being delivered, unpacked in a tempest of cardboard and dust.

This is Fengmian HQ. Founded in 2017, Luo describes his innovative new-media business as a “photography and cultural education platform.” The company’s official WeChat account has over 50,000 followers who tune in for news on China’s contemporary photography scene, as well as online workshops and talks by critics and artists. Dawei is the man to turn to for Chinese photography.

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